Anonymous: What do you find attractive in a man

I guess his smile, the way a guy smiles when he looks at you says a lot

Anonymous: R u still talking to someone

Yes I am☺️

Anonymous: Who are your closest friends

Pug ria kris and idk

Anonymous: Hey I think ur gorgeous so that anon can suck it

You’re love💛💛

Anonymous: Why do you hate me

I probably don’t, I don’t really hate anyone… who are you?

Anonymous: Why do you always have your shirt pulled up you dont even have a nice body lol

Just because you think I don’t have “a nice body” doesn’t mean I cannot wear my shirt the way I want to. I’m confident for the most part about my looks and body so I’m sorry if you don’t like it; but I’m perfectly fine with how I am thanku


have someone every ask you whats your dream? and you light up inside and get really passion and after you tell them they put you down like oh i don’t think you can do that and though they might not say it exactly like that but that’s what they mean and sometimes its not even what they say its how they look at you…ugh it just hurts

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